How Birds Fly by David Goodnow

The extraordinary photographs on this site are from How Birds Fly, by David Goodnow, a unique book that reveals the mysteries of flapping flight through sequences of high-speed photographs. Click on each miniature, below, to see a larger-size photo. NOTE: These photographs may be viewed on your web browser, but may not be copied or reproduced by any other means or used in any other manner whatsoever.

David Goodnow is a naturalist, licensed bird-bander and wildlife photographer whose photos have appeared in National Geographic, Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, Sports Illustrated, Time-Life Books and other leading publications. The author raised many of the birds he photographed for this book at his home in Connecticut.

This abbreviated sequence of four photographs shows a Canada Goose in flight. How Birds Fly includes a complete sequence of 12 photographs.
Canada Goose - 1 Canada Goose - 2 Canada Goose - 3 Canada Goose - 4

How Birds Fly includes fascinating in-flight photos of many familiar birds, including the Great Horned Owl, Mallard, and Wood Duck.
Great Horned Owl - 1 Great Horned Owl - 2 Mallard Wood Duck

How Birds Fly includes extraordinary stop-action "poses" that are virtually impossible to see without the aid of high-speed photography.
Raven Mallard Mallard Order
How Birds Fly

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